Marketplace Rules

SLC – a universal title unit in a digital format which expresses the amount (scope) of proprietary rights. The price of which (conditional network value) is established and maintained by the owners(Slotted).

  1. It is forbidden to advertise anything on our marketplace (including other marketplaces, payment methods).
  2. You must follow our Terms Of Use
  3. Item prices can not be more than 50 SLC.
  4. Slotted takes 5% of every item purchase.
  5. You can not withdraw any SLC.
  6. Refunds of items are only possible if the item you bought doesn't meet its description.
  7. It is forbidden to use SLC purchase anything except market items, and slotted products-new and subscriptions.
  8. It is forbidden to sell any goods or services unrelated to slotted.
  9. If you receive a ban your SLC wallet and purchased items will be unavailable.
Page last updated on 06 Sep 2022